MOCO Private School Championships

WHEN: Feb. 6th, 2018 TIME: 3:30pm WHERE: Georgetown Preparatory School

Relay Info.

Open to all MOCO private or independent schools, male and/ or female. Two entries per event and one relay are permitted. Trophies will be given to top 2 schools, medals to top three in each event

Relay Events

Girls followed by Boys

  1. 55m High Hurdle Trials
  2. 55m Dash Trials
  3. 4 x 800m Relay
  4. 55m High Hurdle Finals (Boys First)
  5. 55 m Dash Finals
  6. 4 x 200m Relay
  7. 1600m Run
  8. 500m Dash
  9. 1000m Run
  10. 300m Dash
  11. 3200m Run
  12. 4 x 400m Relay

Field Events

Relay Registration

Open to all MOCO Private and Independent Schools

Fees: $175 for single team(boys or girls) entry in all events, $250 for both boys and girls teams.

Entries due by 6:00 PM Sun. Jan. 28, 2018

Make checks payable to Woodward Relays, label as MOCO and mail to:
Greg Dunston
5911 Crawford Dr.
Rockville, MD 20851

Checks due by Jan. 24th for acceptance.

Register through